Description of Michelle Gellis' talk and her bio

Friday, June 17th | 2pm PST

Michelle Gellis, Acupuncture Physician

Submuscular needling in cosmetic acupuncture and microneedling

Michelle will talk about Submusuclar Needling for cosmetic and neuromuscular concerns.

you will learn:

-what is submuscular needling

-what are the benefits of submuscular needling for your practice

-what are the benefits of submuscular needling for your patients

Michelle will also discuss Microneedling for treating various cosmetic conditions such as fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars and pigmentation concerns.

You will learn:

-what to look for in a microneedling device

-how to incorporate microneedling into your cosmetic acupuncture practice

-how to structure your billing for cosmetic microneedling


Michelle Gellis is a Licensed Acupuncture Physician. She is a former Faculty Member and Clinic Supervisor at the Maryland University of Integrative Health (formally the Tai Sophia Institute). Michelle holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Seton Hall University School of Business in Computer Science. Ms. Gellis teaches facial acupuncture classes internationally and has been published in several prominent acupuncture publications such as the Journal of Chinese medicine.

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