Description of Daniela Turley's talk and her bio

Friday, June 17th | 3pm PST

Daniela Turley

Beauty herbs, nutrition and supplementation

Beauty herbs, nutrition and supplementation

Daniela Turley, Medical Herbalist and functional medicine expert, will be presenting a review of the new science on epigenetics and aging and how diet, herbs and lifestyle can interact with the genome to reduce your bioage. Topics covered include: The epigenetic effects on aging. Methylation: do we always need supplements? Diet: The science based diet changes which reverse bioage by three years in only eight weeks. Herbs: A mini round up of botanicals which can help reduce bioage.


Daniela has been treating people using Herbal Medicine for over twenty years with clinics in both London and New York. She takes time to understand you and your healthcare needs, knowing we are all different and we all have individual requirements and concerns.

Daniela seeks to build a trusted long-term relationship with all her patients, treating all aspects of general healthcare. Specializing in stress related complaints (sleep disorders, anxiety, depression), auto-immune disease (such as hypothyroid, autoimmune arthritis, MS, lupus), skin complaints (acne, psoriasis, anti-aging, chronic candida and dysbiosis), digestive complaints and female reproduction (infertility, endometriosis).

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