Description of Deirdre Courtney's talk and her bio

Saturday, June 18th | 12pm PST

Dierdre Courtney

What Emotions are Behind Our Lines and Wrinkles

The face is said to be the blueprint of who we are and who we are becoming. Our facial features and lines map what we have been through in our life, when and how that might impact us later in life.
The emotions can be seen in some of the lines, wrinkles and markings on the face. As one of the main causes of disease in the body, all emotions need to be expressed in balance. When we overuse an emotion, it shows on the face, but also, if we do not express an emotion it can also mark the face.
I will talk about the main lines and wrinkles we see on the face and the emotions that are behind them. For example lines and wrinkles on the cheek shows different levels of loss and grief, a line on the chin before we are 60 years old shows we are using up our Jing to fast.

Line and wrinkles I will talk about:

  • Around the mouth and lips
  • Between the Eyebrows
  • Joy lines
  • Cheek area
  • Chin area


Deirdre K Courtney is an internationally known lecturer and
teacher specialising in Yang Sheng, Chinese Nutrition and

Herbs, Facial Diagnosis and Face Reading. She is the Edu-
cation Director of the Lotus Institute, Inc USA. Master Face Reading

Program and has a private practice in Dublin Ireland. She has worked as
an Acupuncturist, Herbalist and Nutritional Counsellor for over 30
years and was previously a Chef. She has a Master’s Degree in
Traditional Chinese Medicine from Yo San University and and she is the
author of the book, Nourishing Life the Yang Sheng Way: Nutrition
and Lifestyle Advice from Chinese Medicine, published by Singing
Dragon in 2019.

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