Description of Dr. Kym Caporale's talk and her bio

Saturday, June 18th | 11am PST

Dr. Kym Caporale, DACM

How to incorporate natural , skincare products into your protocols and how to offer your own line of skin care through the use of private labeling

My story of RE creating RE inventing and RE viving. How to enrich your life and others with skincare protocols. How do you incorporate a natural skincare protocol into your treatment. Definition of private and white labeling. What ingredients can make you a superstar in antiaging. What ingredients produce. A Turnkey approach to developing your own skincare line that will not break the bank. How passive income can prevent early professional burnout.


Dr. Kym Caporale holds a doctorate and 3 Masters degrees in oriental medicine, communication disorders ,education and research. She has over 40 years of experience in clinical settings and shares her expertise with clients and practitioners throughout the United States. In addition to running her clinical practice and offering acupuncture in Tampa Bay Florida, she is sits on the East West College of Natural Medicine’s oversight committee. She continues to spread her expertise and formulates her personal line of products displaying her love for “natural gifts” as she likes to call them. Her all new make up line continues her desire to add zest and beauty to life.

Dr. Caporale believes in a personalized approach to medicine, combining therapies as needed to assist with disease prevention and elimination of stress and pain through immune system enhancement. She partners with Tampa Bay’s finest physicians to offer a comprehensive approach toward optimal health and wellness.

Her latest projects is authoring a book entitled Beyond the Needle, which connects the intent to heal with the spirituality of the healer, and reaching the deep drive within to go beyond. The book creates a soul searching of dreams and potentials for anyone, not only the practitioner of Integrative Medicine.

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